Thursday, December 25, 2014

Marrying a Fine Man

It was a cold winters night. Morning hadn't yet broken. Despite all the advice of getting a good nights rest to look 'fresh' on her wedding day the Bride couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned, nervous and excited in equal measure.

At 4.30am she gave up. She crept into the dark living room and called her very Best Friend. Come, quick, what am I doing? Sleep not yet complete she assured the Bride she would be there in no time at all.

They weren't real doubts. She knew him for near on a decade at this point. But it was a life changing moment, a joining with no return, a shift into adulthood more serious than the drinking games, the parties and grown up jobs and clothes. She sat on her bed, waiting.

In no time at all the Best Friend was there, having careened through town in darkness, her outfit for the day neatly pressed on a hanger. And there they sat, on a childhood bed, and laughed away an unanticipated nervousness. The friends' mere presence, there there to hold hands and listen to her gibberish made all the tension slip away.

Morning soon arrived. The Bride and Groom stood under a flower laden tree, surrounded by a hundred of their closest family and friends and were soon declared married by registered decree. A bright crisp Christmas morning made merrier by all the love and sunshine surrounding them.

Thirteen years on I find myself reminiscing about that day. Here I am still married to that Fine Man. Each day an adventure, a perfect fit through the trials and tribulations of life, the gentle eyes and smile that still make my heart flutter. I wouldn't change a thing. Heady heady days. 


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Happy Anniversary 30in2005. Yay for 13 years together, here's to the next 13 and some. Lovely day to get married on, christmas. We are also a December wed locked couple. 19th to be exact. Lots of jokes were bandied about I recall it being Goa's freedom day and all but we are M and I 15 years on still making it work:-)

    Did you celebrate? And how?


  2. Well, a belated anniversary to you both. 15 is a landmark year.

    We are in Bangalore this year, chilling with friends and enjoying the luxuries of a hotel. A busy day and now packing while we eat room service and put Kid to bed. Not festive but comfortable. A fancy meal will no doubt follow in the new year!

  3. Happy anniversary! What a lovely story!

  4. Thanks beks. Now get back to blogging!!!!

  5. You have such a way with words! Luvverly!