Thursday, December 06, 2012

This motherhood

Nothing could have prepared me for today.

Today I watched my 3 year old get up on stage with his classmates of just a few weeks and dance his little heart out. I thought my heart would burst with pride and love.

I'm glad it was a dark concert hall and no one could see my eyes well up.

Not sure why I'm blogging this but I wanted to say it out loud and this is the loudest I can get with all my friends living in another continent.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Singapore 11: so over

Breakfast, that is.

As per my very fickle temperament (and all this time I thought I was big on follow through) I'm bored of breakfast. I think the imaginary pressure of no comments has made it impossible for me to pursue even the idea of a places to breakfast series. The reality is that I am not a breakfast person at all.

Of course I bought Time Out for December today and their main feature was on breakfasts. I now feel like a fraud for some reason.

Anyway, last week while I was still in pursuit of a crumpet to remind me of London, I met a friend for breakfast. I chose 'Food for Thought', a two restaurant chain that had just opened its second and more airy branch at the Botanic Gardens.

It's a beautiful big and airy cafe submerged one level below street with a huge outdoor space and wooden play area. Even on a weekday morning at 9 it was quite full. It has these lovely square concrete tables with holes for plants interspersed all over them.

I ordered a cappuccino and waited for my friend. When she arrived we each ate a breakfast of scrambled eggs with various accompanying things like mushrooms, hash browns, brioche toast, bacon. The portions were big but really not very tasty. I literally ate the brioche toast and left most of the rest. The hash browns were like dough balls dropped into a deep fat fryer. And the mushrooms so over-garlicked as to overpower everything. I would not recommend the breakfast but I do want to try the lunch menu.

It was a pleasant enough morning and nobody rushed us as we sat there and chatted. The overall ambiance is pleasant even with that many people in it. I guess all that space has its advantages. I do want to go with my family for a Sunday brunch so that we can wander around the beautiful botanic gardens before or after. They have one more chance.