Saturday, April 14, 2012

Motherland Motherlode 1

Jet lag

I cannot recall a time in the past 20 odd years of travel that jet lag has hit me/ us so badly.

It's been 5 days since we got back from our trip to India. And every evening this week, despite daytime naps to pad our energy levels, my son has fallen asleep between 4.30 and 6pm usually while sipping a mug a of milk or eating a morsel of dinner. On Wednesday I managed to keep him awake till 7 (his usual drop off point) bolstered by a long morning nap. I thought we had cracked it but the next two days were back to early evening sleeps.

The strange thing is that I followed him not long after, getting into bed and asleep by 8.30 or 9, finishing just basic chores and early meals. Same for V who can barely keep his eyes open once he is home.

And strangely none of us are waking particularly early. The kid wakes at 6 (as standard, some winter exceptions till 7) but we are all still half asleep and enjoying the half light-dark of early morning till at least 7 lying in our warm beds. So basically we are just sleeping loads. And calling it jet lag.

We have unpacked and had mad play dates all week in an attempt to get back to a normal London routine. I'm not staying up to read, check Facebook, call friends or catch up with all the tv I missed on the iplayers. I'm hoping this weekend will mark a turn and we will all move back to normal service.