Monday, December 22, 2014


Day 2 of the break and the luxury is not letting up. A lazy morning around the house - including a hearty breakfast of hot toasted slices of Flurrys Masala bread - my dad-in-law arrived from Calcutta yesterday - and a few rasogulla's (also courtesy Kolkata). 

After much deliberation and many voting rounds we headed for Dum Pukht at the ITC Maratha near the airport. Our normal go to fancy Indian food is Peshawari (in the same hotel). More curries and a smashing kakori and biryani were promised.

We weren't disappointed. The kakori was delightful and a lotus seed and root seekh was the surprise great appetiser. I'm not a fan of biryani (or any pulao) so stuck to roomali (which turned out to be too dry and thick) and shared too many mains (aloo dum was the surprise winner). The flavours of everything were more complex and it was a far richer meal than Peshwari. I'd go back to Peshawari in a heartbeat. 

The decor was interesting. Like the food, more layers, more complex and far more ornate than the earthier tones of Peshawari. 

Sated beyond any nutritional boundary we headed home where 80% of the household found themselves horizontal spaces to digest food comas. I entertained the 3 kids while trying very hard not to nod off sitting up! Eventually I gave up any idea of rest/ sleep and read while the kids played. 

In the evening the 3 sisters in law ventured out. First a wander through the insipid, overpriced Marks and Spencer. Then a walk through Bandra to admire the twinkling Christmas lights and enjoy the breeze. A challenge to find walkable sidewalks in the crazy traffic but we managed and ended up at Fab India. Wandered through the rich aisles of silk and cotton and leather and wood. Since I had already shopped there last month I had nothing left to buy and instead bought all my masalas and mosquito repellent. I leave you with pictures of a colour extravaganza.

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