Sunday, December 28, 2014


It's been a festive few days. We celebrated Christmas, our anniversary and the renewal of old friendships over 4 beautiful Bangalore days. The traffic was not beautiful but all the gorgeous breeze and cool temperature, the friendliness and smiles made it a wonderful mini break. Here are a few festive pictures from our home in Singapore (prep for Santa to arrive), various places in our travels and our own DIY efforts to be celebratory.

Our main tree in Singapore/ my FB greeting (with Kid not cut out). This is year 5 of book trees. This is the biggest and best so far.

Brownie with meringue snowman at the Ritz Carlton in Bangalore. Cute and tasty is a winning combination.

Lovely little puppet display at the Bangalore airport. And for a change well and interestingly sign marked.

Kids Santa's stocking. All 3 cousins got the same this year (with instructions they are to be reused for many a year to come). Santa found us in Bangalore and left 11 little presents in the stocking.

Gingerbread display at the Ritz Carlton lobby. Kid says 'I have a Lego City, you can have a gingerbread city mama'. This picture does not do it justice.

Chocolate chip muffins baked this morning here in Mumbai - clearly our celebration continues. More cousins and more gup-shup.

Signage at our balcony window in Singapore so Santa can find his way. The bottom has this: Kids name (who has been a very good boy)

And finally here is our DIY tree in Sjngapore. Visual confirmation via picture text that Santa did indeed find our house, follow our sign and leave our presents under the tree. Someone can't wait to go back home in a few days!

Happy holidays!


  1. Love the tree. So glad you're still blogging. So much of my feedly is full of "professional" bloggers now and I miss these kind of posts.

  2. Totally heartwarming!