Thursday, April 28, 2005

So much....

Almost a month has gone by with little or no action on this blog. Not for lack of action in real life though! We've been busy as bees but time, lack of our Sony laptop (which I am begining to despair is never coming back - Grr - I hate SONY!), and a maddening schedule are all to blame in equal part.

I don't want to put down all the exciting things in one big blog so I am going to break this down over the next few days and build it up to the current time by the end of next week. So watch for more.....

Friday, April 08, 2005

Technologically challenged

The title is the reason for my long silence on this blog (not that anyone has really been checking up all these days, but it's an illusion I am happy to nurture!). After hmm-ing and ahhh-ing other people’s laptops we bought a top-of-the-line Sony Vaio laptop at the end of December and that was our absolute pride and joy - until V noticed a change in contrast on the screen bothering his eyes. I could not see this small and apparently irritating flicker and kept poohpooh-ing it. It became worse and worse and finally when we came back from Hong Kong we called Sony and asked them to pick it up for repair under its warranty. Now if this was the US or any other service-centric economy we would have had the laptop collected and replaced like a shot. But being England where nobody cares, Sony and their courier agents DHL took 7 working days to pick the laptop up from us. 15 days later its back and apparently the screen has been replaced. The problem continues and although they claim they checked it the flicker and change of contrast is more dramatic than ever. They made us run a zillion test and recover the machine etc – all things I think they should have done. So now we are on a priority list for it to be picked back up again. Why they can’t just replace it god alone knows! Cheap cheap Sony. That’s the last time I buy any Sony gadgetry in the UK. We could have gone for something more inexpensive and probably sounder but with the quality assurance that Sony promise and we have experienced we thought this was a good choice. I take it all back. Sony is rubbish and I regret the day we bought this Vaio!

Needless to say its all still pear-shaped – no computer to blog from – so will continue being infrequent. Que sera sera…..