Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The end table 2014

Not a year I've particularly loved or liked. You've heard all my moans and grumpy outbursts with such patience that I must thank you. 

Let's do a quick roundup:
1. Health - sucked all round. From parents to extended family, all around the globe we are giving thanks for doctors and nurses keeping us safe and returning us to health. 

2. Singapore - grown on me. I like it more than the previous year. Combination of familiarity with what's where and deciding to be in charge of my own joy. Building my little bubble and letting all the blabber and insensitivity bounce right off it.

3. Kid - Bringer of untold joy, this little one hit the half decade mark and started Big School with aplomb this year. He is growing in confidence, knowledge, love and laughter each day. He is the star of the show that is our life and the laughter of our souls! 

4. Books - Another year of avoiding the Kindle and going for paper. More reading than I envisaged doing and a far wider variety / selection of genres. I've come to enjoy occasionally sharing what I read  with my FB friends and it always brings forth some great suggestions and discussions. As I recently read, Books turn Muggles into Wizards. To many more words and worlds to escape into.

5. Friends - V and I reconnected with Kindergarten friends, met college friends after near on 2 decades, had a wonderful slew of house guests and met some of our dearest London friends - all in this friend filled year. From coffee in Singapore to brunch in a Mumbai home, from introducing our children (aren't we the children?) to catching up in a short Mumbai bistro evening, from brilliant Diwali parties to surprise new Singapore expats, it's been a beautiful year of renewal. Of showing me that technology is to be embraced somewhat and that the rewards for extending ones hand in friendship can bring hugs and great peace.

6. State of the world - Very poor. We are fighting everything from the environment to each other. The Sanctity for Life is a steadily diminishing commodity. I cry for the mothers who lost their children to violence, I cry for the earth whose pain is evident in natural disasters and I cry for us as a people unable to see beyond our own backyards. I pray in 2015 for a bit more gentleness, every gesture to be measured by what it means to someone's joy rather than a selfish interest. I hope to pay my own good life forward every single day, in smiles, hugs, meals, kindness.

On balance 2014 was a year that opened my eyes yet wider and showed me the circle of life - from pain and adversity on the one hand to how a hug or a call or a small kindness can spread the love and bring hope, give solace.

Goodnight, 2014! To you and yours, from me and mine, a wonderful 2015.

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