Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kid things

1. My 6 year old has just conducted a writing assessment for me. He claims that I should write my 'w's like this is printed one (sharp points) and not with the shapes more rounded (like u's). Refuses to listen to my claims that I have already done school and a rounded w is in fact perfectly acceptable. Also looked at me in total disbelief when I claimed my handwriting was by far the neatest of anyone I knew. Has shaken his head at me, told me how 'lying is not a good thing, mama' and left for the playground. My own lessons are biting me in the you know what. 

2. The ridiculous early set up of Christmas in November is messing with everything. This weekend, on a trip to buy some replacement bulbs, Kid conned his father into buying a string of fake greenery dotted with baubles. And despite my assertion that we are a few weeks away from decorating anything all I am hearing is 'when can we put this decoration up?' (December), 'where is my Christmas box?' (In storage), 'has my letter reached Santa?' (No, I haven't posted it yet). In my head I'm all la-la-la-la-la....how long will I stave off the questions with vague answers that he seems increasingly dissatisfied with? The questions turn more urgent in tone each day. The la-la-la gets louder.

3. I'm prepping to be mystery reader in his Grade 1 classroom. I chose a book he and I have loved for many years 'Stuck' by Oliver Jeffers. No great moral story type book but instead something innocent and very funny to a small child. I decided to go whole hog and build a tree and all the things that get stuck up it. The idea is to use Velcro strips and let each kid stick 'throw' something on the tree as the story progresses. I drew and cut the pictures in a few hours while  watching TV. Had them laminated in Central while between appointments on Friday. Took 20 minutes. Bought tree ingredients from the same store. Spent this morning beginning to get it all together - shaped the top of the tree, cut up some crepe paper leaves, shaped and taped up the tree trunk. Tomorrow I shall finish up and day after I shall share it with a classroom of littlies. Why spend all this time on being a mystery reader you ask? Well, I figure these are the few years I can volunteer in a fun way. While my son still thinks I'm cool and non embarrassing. I like creating the odd thing that I can then pass on to another mum to use in another class. I'm sporadic with my efforts and I find myself very excited by this. I've never been a mystery reader and so here we are. Sneak peek at the first fix:


  1. We have already put up Christmas tree. On Diwali, I had vague urge to do something but was too lazy to actually buy diyas. So the Christmas tree came out.

    1. Well, don't tell my kid that! I've bought myself a few weeks as we don't have an actual tree but an alternative version (book tree last year) - and I'm only just collecting all the things we need for it.