Monday, July 27, 2015

Packing day

In the words of my ex boss I am an excellent administrator. I love lists and work with speed and efficiency when the moment calls for it. But my basic sloth like tendencies (can I blame my 40s?!) have left me scrambling at the last minute for this move. 

I have lists and those lists have their own sub-lists but today was Day 1 of packing and really only 85% of my list was marked off. Anyway, I found that efficient hat this morning at 4am when a stress headache woke me. And by the time the inefficient packers arrived at 10am I was ready as can be. Suitcases packed, air shipment sorted and sea shipment culled ruthlessly so we can learn to live with less. 

The packers grew in number as the day wore on and what should have been a 2 day pack and a 1 day load has turned into a 1.5 day pack and load. So by tomorrow afternoon it should be done giving me more time to enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea (NOT). Instead we have handymen, electricians, cleaners, inventory guys and agents to deal with. 

Spent our last night in the apartment yesterday. Feeling a bit nostalgic. I love this house. Now safely ensconced in RT&Ps home, where hot showers/ food/ lots of chat & laughter are freely available. Last 5 days of this Singapore Adventure here we go! 

Million dollar question: where are we going? It's Hong Kong. Am I excited? Hell yeah! 


  1. Enjoy HK, have heard only good things about it.
    Also a belated happy birthday to you. 40s are great fun, welcome to the club. Your dessert (sorry wrong post!) looked fab..

  2. Good luck in HK. It has a lovely buzz about it.