Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Good morning, I'm 40 in 2015

I've woken up in the luxury of a hotel bed having arrived in Bangkok last night to spend 4 days celebrating with V, Kid, his Cousin (referred to in real life as 'brother') and his parents. A merry bunch of 4 adults and 2 kids. This is what Birthday week is about. I've been given some stupendous gifts by two friends and my sis in law last night so I'm well chuffed.

The last time I was here in the city properly I was 6 years old - we lived here from when I was teeny tiny till about 6 and I have some quite clear memories of places. I intend to find the building we lived in and see some other things and meet some people I've known my whole life. But that is not today. Today is about turning 40. Today is Wat Pho (to see the reclining Buddha which is what I remember clearest), some divine Thai food at Nahm and a massage. And I'm going electronic free from 9am - 9pm (post this post). I cannot think of a better way to celebrate turning the Big 4-0. As my cousin B would say, 'Happy to me'.

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