Sunday, October 06, 2013

Singapore lunches - 4: Myra's - Sunny beach day

On our very few ventures to the beach here in Singapore I have roundly complained about the very narrow strip and uninspiring nature of these beaches. I find I have to check myself because the best beach in the UK I ever went to was cold, windy, pebbly Brighton Beach where we stood shivering in our wind cheaters feeling cheated as the wind blew over our ice cream scoops on to the unforgiving pebbles. Ok, I didn't go to many beaches in the UK - they do have sandy ones - you'll forgive me if I want my beach vacations somewhere hot versus somewhere cloudy with a chance of cold.

I'm also now thoroughly spoilt by the lovely South East Asian beaches we have holidayed at just this year. Kota Kinabalu and Danang stand out this year with their wide, white and very inviting sand beaches. So Singapore beaches for one reason or another have not really been on our agenda.

Today was a lunch plan many many weeks in the making. A couple we know and like but don't meet quite often enough suggested lunch by the beach so their son and our kid and nephew could all have a little play in the waves. 

Promised some stuffed paranthas (a chore at home) we showed up at Myra's, a joint with Mexican and North Indian cuisine (a dubious combination if you ask me) at East Coast Park. It is a beach shack by the thin strip of beach and next to a watersports centre along the East Coast Park. Colourful, casual and very welcoming, it is entirely manned by a crew of cheerful Indians, owner and waiters willing to join tables up for a group of ten without a reservation and provide the salt and sugar syrup separately for the lime soda. 

The boys sampled the cheese quesadillas but really went for the buttery naans and the softest paneer tikkas. We supervised some water play and sandcastle building, chatting while the men relaxed. Then the men showered and changed the kids while we recuperated from the scorching sun. We ate samosas, chicken tikkas (not good at all), followed by the $12.80 parantha buffet (paneer, aloo and gobhi stuffed paranthas quartered and served hot in baskets to our table) with raita and channa. We ordered malai kofta on the side, which was in a delicious cashew gravy. Vegetarian food certainly got a thumbs up.

The food was good and the restaurant full of Indians. It was nice to hear so much Hindi being spoken. It was a leisurely few hours filled with all that sandcastle building followed by quick showers. They had a pool table in the shade of the restaurant and we then proceeded to spend about $20 in $2 coins (well warranted) so the three boys could play and we could chill for a bit. 

The beach was not the greatest but sandy and uncluttered enough and the weather was bright and sunny. It was just right for the short amount of time we spent. I would come back. 

My kid came home happy, to milk and brownies, followed by dinner, vegetating in front of the TV and an early night. A Sunday well spent. It's another week tomorrow. 

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