Monday, September 30, 2013

Singapore Lunches - 3: Dessert anyone?

Family obligations meant an at home Sunday lunch this weekend. The Brothers were meeting school friends after many a year and my sis in law hosted while I lolled around and pretended to look busy/ interested. 

I did however want to talk about some cupcakes. At two separate occasions this weekend we have managed to gorge on cupcakes. 

The first lot, on Friday night, was from a place called Twelve Cupcakes. They have branches all over and I think one has to buy three cupcakes at a minimum. That's red velvet right in front, with the icing and little hearts (sour cream I think - not too sweet), my friend. I think I ate two while everyone else was eating the dum aloo and saag paneer dinner and I pretended to go and collect the salad from the kitchen. Very very good, a dense texture and lovely complex layers of sweet. Of course they went straight to my Michelin  tyre middle, why do you ask?

Then we had a box of beauties from Cupcakes with Love and they were divine. This was Sunday lunchtime. Apparently they don't use emulsifiers so stay better at room temperature. They are certainly light on the tongue and not very sweet so feel a tad 'healthier' than the Twelve Cupcake lot. I'll certainly seek them out again. 

Either way it was a sweet sweet weekend. Next weekend it's a beach lunch. Come back and I'll tell you all about it.

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