Monday, August 07, 2006

See, I told you I'm exhausted

This is what exhaustion does. Takes all comprehension, rolls it into a ball and chucks it into the deep blue sea.

Sorry Labile......

I did the wrong tag.

So listen up you 7 whom I have tagged. It was the wrong tag. I was meant to list seven bloggers that I do not know in real life but who I would like to meet and a hypothetical setting that would be ideal to meet them in.

Jane Sunshine - she sounds like fun and on a similar wavelength. I would have to say somewhere like Regents Park, in the sunshine.

Shoefiend - Ok, now her I already know and have met a few million times. But hypothetcially lets say I only knew herfrom her blog. Then I guess she sounds kind of like the person you would bump into at Burburry or Mulberry.

Rohini - She sounds wise and levelheaded and logical - all traits I admire muchas. A Mumabi coffee shop like at the Oberoi at Nariman Point, over cold coffee and club sandwiches.

Mumbaiwallah - Would be hoping for some of that intellect to transfer itself in a handshake (like osmosis(?) perhaps). I think the British Library would be an ideal setting.

Neha - Ah, for being a Jill-of-all-blogs and the courgae to voice her opinions. To ask her how she got so famous. Meet her maybe at an Amnesty movie screening!!?!

Sambhar mafia - For being the collector and disperser of all information it would seem. Knowing that much trivia must surely make for an interesting person! I would say over a dosa and filter coffee in a saravana bhavan type place.

Just another - For being quirky and interesting, for letting the fears and triumphs of youth be the meat of his blog. Somewhere like a gadget show - I doubt we could tempt him to a museum!

And last but not least, Labile - For letting us into the life of a student/ doctor/ american desi. Body Worlds sounds a good idea.....

So people go blog and tag.


  1. Hahahahaha.. Lol.. Museum.. Naaah, it ain't the place for me, Madame Tussauds might be ok.. eerr, is that a museum? :-s

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  3. Thanks for the invite :-) Would it the outlet in Wembley or East Ham?

  4. What a fun tag. I will do it for sure. And the next time you are in Mumba, Overoi coffee shop for sure - my treat. Though now its called the Hilton Towers.

  5. Me: Madame tussauds is not only a museum, it is the worlds most boring museum. I would never torture you or anyone else with it. I said gadget show - I guess that would be mroe your thing, right?!

    Kaps: Either one. Do the tag!

    Rohini: I will take you up on the coffee offer. I will not be in Mumbai till sometime next year but look forward to it! And thanks for updating me on how Oberoi has moved on - I am so clued out!

  6. Dei.. You vambu party only!

  7. Okay. I'll try to do this one.

  8. Not a bad guess! Just warning you though : get me into a library or in a place with more than 10 books, and you can forget about a conversation :)