Monday, August 07, 2006

Not too tired to tag

I’m exhausted with the move. My mind is not functioning as it should – I blame the exhaustion, others would probably say this was normal. I will post about the move and all its crazy moments. But for now Labile has tagged me.

Labile - It’s uncanny but I have been thinking about the Body Worlds exhibition lately and whether going would be cool or just downright creepy. If you are ever in town….

I am thinking about ... our next holiday
I said ... life is too short so don’t sweat the small thingsI want to ... write a funny family history
I wish ... the world would really become a better place
I hear ... muzik on my oh so cool new ipod
I wonder ... how people can be unpunctual and callous
I regret ... not having learnt an instrument as a youngsterI am ... calm and well planned – mostly!
I dance ... to 80s music I sing ... only when I am sure no ones eardrums can be damaged
I cry ... alone and very quietlyI am not always ... as organized as I seem
I make with my hands ... this simple food we eat
I write ... endless posts on this blog
I confuse ... daylight saving time all the timeI need ... 48 hours in a day

And following on from Labile tagging seven bloggers, here are my seven:
Jane Sunshine
Mumbai wallah
Sambhar mafia
Just another

Whump - the sound of my face falling on this keyboooooooooooo


  1. Thank you for doing it, but this wasn't the tag I tagged you for. Ooops...but thanks anyway.

  2. Sinusoidally,

    Sorry.....I'm just too tired and my mind is malfunctioning. I'm not big on wanting to meet other bloggers. A bit paranoid you see. Virtually however is a different matter. Will re-do tag.

  3. I did this tag :D

  4. Hi 30in2005,

    You did my tag! And w/o realizing that you were tagged!! That's some ESP. Anyway thanks for doing the tag. LOL

    PS: I thought I was commenting on your blog and surprise, it appeared on Rohini's comments! Maybe I'm opening too many windows. :)

  5. Me: I saw your tag...

    Visitor: Never did see your tag till just now. Just the way the world works I guess - tagged by two people at the same time!

  6. Hie I've actually done a tag like this before:

    So in a funny way, I did do the tag even if its not the right one !