Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I'm mathematically challenged, allergic to numbers. I'm so terrified of anything vaguely quantitave that I often dream of being told that the Math Board exams & finance courses in my MBA (that I barely managed to sqeeze through) have all been re-checked and I have to go back to class 6 and start all over again! As a result I'm usually the first to shy away from anything with numbers on/in/near it.

I haven't been succesful at all (even my job has always had me doing budgets and yucky number based things!). Hard as I tried to ignore all the press and public buzz about Sudoku, I've finally given in and checked it out. Everywhere I look someone seems to be talking about it or walking around with puzzle books.

Yesterday I found an online site with a new sudoku grid on it each day. I studied the rules, told myself to be fair and give it a go (knowing full well that I would not succeed and would need to be highly motivated to go back for a second go). As part of my turning wiser as I grow older (groan...in 3 weeks I'll be thirty), I decided that I would not falter but persevere, challenge the challenged, go for the game with a mind wide open etc.....Yesterday I gave up after 22 minutes. Kept to my plan though and today I stuck with it and I've completed my first ever grid in 67min 19sec. YAY!!!! Not so challenged after all!!!!

It's was pleasant (read 'frowning brow') jog for the brain and required no maths at all (double YAY) - just a smattering of common sense and logic (I am blessed with plenty, or so I like to think!).

So Sudoku or Su Doku: This translates from Japanese as meaning single numbers or numbers by themselves. The traditional Su Doku puzzle grid is made up of nine cells (or boxes), each cell containing nine squares. Players are challenged to complete the grid so that every cell, row, and column displays the digits 1 to 9, in whatever necessary order. To begin with a number of squares are filled in by the puzzle's setter. The rest is up to the players sharp eyes and logic!

Warning: It's addictive.

So I've been sudoku'd - have you?

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