Sunday, June 26, 2005

Master of my fate

A few days ago, during the course of a chat with a dear friend from college, a discussion on past events and their co-relation to current happiness took place. Would our lives have been better/ worse/ different based on decisions we made in our college days/ early 20's? Were we too immature to know any better? Have those decisions changed the course of lives from a pre-ordained path or guided us along it without our knowledge? Are we simply accepting of our fates or perpetually struggling against them? After much discussion he came up with this:

"samay se pehle, kismat se zyaada aur mehnat se kam kabhi kisi ko kuchch nahin mila hai"

(For the non hindi speakers here's the translation: Nobody gets anything before time, beyond fate and without hard work. Hindi speakers: correct me if this translation is not accurate)

So a declaration before the big 3-0. No matter how much I grouch and declare myself the queen of tense brow-land, all things I'm grouching about are just small inconsequential chapters, material growths and life epidermis.

As for the bigger picture I have no regrets. Ever.

Whats life without a few bumps eh?


  1. did you read that speech by Steve Jobs when he says that one can only connect the dots in hindsight? Don't fret too much and concentrate on the "here and now" rather than the "then and then" :-)

    And I am still following your blog quite closely, though not publicly :-)

  2. Yes, I did read Steve Jobs speech. Completely not fretting! My point is more that 'here and now' is a consequence of all things past. Which is why every decision is important - contributory to future 'here and nows'!

    Good to know that you still read 30in...whats the big secret though?

  3. No regrets? Well, congratulations! You are a rare find. Hopefully, you'll stay this way the rest of your life too.

  4. Why thank you Parth!