Saturday, October 13, 2018

Of a Saturday

The rhythm of the school week and it’s many activities changes a bit every year but usually settles into a satisfying pattern by this point, 6 weeks in. Everyone knows what is when, that is then and it’s all pencilled in to a big calendar for everyone to see. 

All I have to do now is get my act together. Here is an example of what needs doing. Today is Saturday. Despite a late night last night I knew Kid had basketball today so we were up, breakfasted and on time. I should be able to say my day is going swimmingly but frankly it is not. 

Forgot that school is full of elected council kids (20/ grade) here for training - and so totally didn’t talk about it on my way in. Of course seeing many of his friends here to learn to be better leaders, he is upset all over again that he didn’t win. Quick non-sugar coated advice of life is hard, someone has to win and someone has to lose has not gone down well. Just gone into basketball super grumpy and feeling hard done by. 

Also find I cannot really use last night as an excuse because the class is at 10 which is really mid- morning. Have left book, water bottle, snack, glasses and headphones at home. Using my coffee cup as a water cup and thankful for water fountains. Nothing to read, no headphones to listen to any podcasts, his grumpiness will not improve when he discovers there is no immediate snack after and no glasses so I’m sitting on the ground having to squint at 15 Basketball playing children for the next hour. One can only hope that I can get through the day without further such incompetence. 

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