Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Quick day

One of those days when time got away. It’s Fall break and mid autumn festival at the moment. You would think we would all be able to sleep in and laze about. Unfortunately the moment a holiday is declared my child takes it as a personal challenge to wake up before 6.15am. He then proceeds to turn on the cartoon channel or hunt for Lego/ cubboro/ Nerf YouTube videos. All of this at top volume - because why should we all miss out on the fun. 

Anyway, today there was cartoons and breakfast and some reading before swim class and pool fool around. Then we made fish tacos and demolished cake leftovers. Post noon in an effort to distract him from the Telly we had a hebba, hot wheels, cuboro, board and card game marathon. Sent him off for an impromptu play date at a friends place so I could organise dinner and plan something’s for tomorrow (which is a public holiday here). Got him through dinner and his bedtime routine before leaving for dinner with V and a couple of couples. Have just rolled home full of delicious Lebanese food and interesting conversations.

And just minutes to midnight before failing at writings something anything on this blog within days of beginning this challenge. Phew!  

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