Sunday, October 08, 2017

Fasting, Feasting (or a version of)

Look away now if you are sorely against the celebration of Karvachauth and going to be all Judgey - Judgerson about women who still keep up this practice. 

I am one of those women. In my mind I justify it by melding what I think of as modern values with traditional practice. And so today is a day when I am fasting.

My version is my own. I woke up at 5am and drank a bottle of water and went back to bed. Slow day of pottering around the house, watching Restoration Man and taking naps. I’m intensely private about spirituality and prayer and so by choice and design I don’t do my evening prayers with friends or family. I think this might have been different if I lived in India but my entire married life has been elsewhere and so I’ve adapted to what worked for me, for us. Tonight I will do a simplified version of the prayers, count my many blessings and eat a simple meal of my favourite foods. I save the rich festive meal for Diwali. 

V used to keep this fast with me for many years but after Kid came along he spends the day entertaining him so I can get a break - today they went on a long hike and this afternoon they are off to look at the Lego shop and mosey around the shops.

I am privileged and blessed in many many ways but none more so than in the choice of person I married. It may seem like superstitious codswallop to keep a fast for someone but I prefer to think of it as thanksgiving for what is the most fruitful partnership of my life. Luckily, in the scheme of things I found that I have no one to answer to but myself. And so it continues.

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