Monday, August 15, 2016

Time slips away

• We've had a 9 week long summer break and tomorrow it's back to the books and fun for Kid. 
• It's been full of trips, this summer has: Singapore, Taipei, London, Delhi and Kolkata. 12 flights for me and 10 each for V and Kid. 
• We've seen friends and family galore and although no amount of time would be enough we've reconnected with so many people this year. So many special people, to me, to my child. 
• As much fun as it's all been I'm ready for the routine of staying school and home. And not going to the airport. And not packing or unpacking.
• The most (un)exciting bit was a lost suitcase at Heathrow. Mine, the only time I have ever packed without spreading our things around more than one suitcase. Luckily I had spares in my hand baggage.  And thankfully it was found - it was the one with every present in it! 
• We've watched movies galore this summer. Finding Nemo, Ice Age 1/2/3/4/ Mammoth Christmas and Jungle Book on DVD and Finding Dory, Secret Life of Pets and Ice Age 5 in the theatre.
• I've read a LOT - I had a huge pile of unread and re-read books to plough through. Despite my intentions to not burden my bookshelf further I bought back a pile of 6 books from London and 4 from India. So I'm set for the next few months.
• I turned 41 while in London. It was a pretty perfect day (with mild annoyances I'm trying to forget). Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidian, lunch at Wagamama, dinner at Busaba and the worlds best martini at Duke's to top the night off. 
• My Nani (maternal grandmother) has been unwell. She has Alzheimer's and that means she often doesn't know to tell if she feeling unwell. This time she left it till she had an internal infection that showed itself by disorienting her even further. It took a weeks hospital stay and IV antibiotics to get her better. My mum and I travelled to visit her. Since I last saw her (less than a year ago) her Alzheimer's has become much worse. She is totally disoriented and recognises very few people - almost all male - he son, grandsons and son in law. She doesn't recognize my mother unless prompted and didn't recognise me when I visited. Horrid to see how Old Age robs people of their dignity. This slow degeneration makes a mockery of the fine lives they led, the colossi they once were and leaves us with the bitter taste of how frail and childlike they become. 
• It's back to school tomorrow and today we visited the new classroom, met the teacher and the class pet, admired the view (how anyone works or studies with this I do not understand), bought the new school calendar and checked that all our uniforms are still fit for purpose. One Yoda bag later my child is ready for day 1 of Grade 2 tomorrow. It's going to be a good year, Kid. 


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    sorry to read about your grandma and her troubles. My atya(father's sister) had it too and she often lived with us for months. She had forgotten her own children and husband(who poor fellow was alive and madly in love with her still) but remembered with crystal clear clarity all of her six brothers, sisters and the childhood she'd experienced with them. Thank God that all her children, hubby, brothers and surviving sister indulged her till the very end. I pray your grandma doesn't deteriorate anymore and the family members looking after her are able to cope with her illness compassionately.

    Is that the view from the big boy's classroom BTW? It is indeed stunning and I wouldn't work even the teeniest bit if I studied there:-)

    Best of luck for a grand year ahead to the 2nd grader.


  2. Yes it is the classroom view. Kids seem to not even notice it!

    Ill health in old age is the worst. And I think every family faces it. It's how people indulge it and love their elders to bits all the way to the very end that show the strength of a families fabric. It isn't easy. It's definitely heartbreaking.