Sunday, June 05, 2016

Star Wars to help him turn 7....

For the mums who think I spend too much time with my kid and do too many crafty things with him, sorry. I suggest you walk away now as this post will only aggravate you and make you dislike me more. Yes I like both those things but that's just me. Weird. 

Birthday is a month away but this past weekend we celebrated Kids birthday as school is about to close and all his friends will disappear for the summer. We celebrated on Saturday morning, sharing it with his classmate who is just a week older than him, so also has a summer holiday birthday.

Since this past December vacation, when he watched his first Star Wars movie, Kid has been obsessed. And so Star Wars birthday party it was. And here is what I and he made and did over the past month to get out of my funk:

Activity corner - White cards, cut up foam pieces (and crayons/ pencils not in the picture)

Food signs. Black paper and silver sharpie.

R2D2 lantern and tie fighter banners

Banners - grey sheets of paper, silver sharpie and black stickers + black twine and tape. 

Tape resist Death Star.

 I was going to use this for a 4 corners dancing game (think gentler, no shove version of musical chairs) but we ran out of time so it ended up being wall art. I gave 2 to the kid we shared the party with as a reminder of the day and friendship he and and my son shared. He is leaving permanently for another continent this summer.

Yes I know the spelling is incorrect. I was following my child's bidding (he is at an age where he 'knows EVERYTHING'). Took nothing away from the tasty-ness of eating the 'very evil Stormtroopers'. 

Quick glance at the table - White table cloth and silver star confetti, empty boxes wrapped in silver wrapping paper and on them homemade fake Lego lands created from fake terrarium materials.

1 of 2 terrariums - kid and I made these together. My glass bowls, fake mud, fake rocks, fake shells, fake plants, fake fence and real Star Wars Lego.

1 of 2 terrariums from the planet of Hoth. Fake snow, my glass jug and real Star Wars Lego. 

Small abstract Star Wars foam art. You will see them behind the table on the wall, scattered around the tie fighters banners. 

Star Wars cake. Real Lego figures on it.

Star Wars equivalent of 'pin the tail on the donkey'. Each kid gets a triangular 'Star destroyer' with their name on it. The back has double sided tape. So blindfold, spin around to make them dizzy and then tape peeled and stick. 4 winners - one for each circled Star. 

Tape resist Death Star - two tries to get a 'ray' through the Death Star. 

Star Wars duct tape makes the bowling lane. 

Just some of the bowling pins Kid and I made together. We also had Chewbacca and C3P0.

Inexpensive light sabers - return present part 1.

A book each, a Star Wars pencil and a pack of Force Attax cards in a blue envelope - return present part 2. 

Done. And. Dusted.

Awesome fun. 


  1. OMG this is so awesome. Mind mindbogglingly so. Well done you.

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Wow! All of it looks so well thought off

    Why didn't you take these efforts for my bday when we were young!

    PS: I want a light saber too!

  3. All I can say is this is super creative. Every mother needs to spend time with her kids to ensure they explore their creative side. I remember doing so many crafty things with my mom as a child.

  4. If I had a kid, I'd want you to plan EVERY party!