Friday, November 20, 2015

Miss-tree reader 101

1. Choose a book you and your kid love. I chose 'Stuck' by Oliver Jeffers.

2. If you can, make a prop. By no means essential but I thought the 6 year olds would love being part of this book. It lends itself to props but admittedly not all books do.

3. Turn up on time - surprise is the key element. It was great to have the tree stuck up and the 'objects' in order before the class came back from recess. And the look on my child's face when he saw it and me was priceless. Well worth the one late night and effort to laminate the bits.

4. Kids have short attention spans and this book was just the right length. I introduced myself as Miss. Tree and told them they were 'Floyd'. It took us 20 minutes from start to finish.

5. As I read the story they each came up and 'threw' the object that had been read about into the tree. 

6. This is the tree with the kite stuck in it. Took this at home before I left. 

7. It's a funny old book and when I asked the kids what other things they could think of to throw in the tree they came up with hilarious answers and soon all 20 of them were in peals of laughter. One of the worlds best sounds is that of children laughing. 

8. I am lending this to a mum in another class and I will refurbish it a bit to use next year as a costume! It's stuck in our playroom now and I'm sure we will get lots more use out of it in the interim. 


  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    you are such a enthu and crafty(no pun intended here:-)) mum. Kiddo must have a ton of fun with you.


  2. Well let us just say that today for a change I was told I was 'awesome' multiple times. Seeing as he won't be 6 forever I'll happily keep this memory. And trust me most of my crafting comes from Pinterest!!!

  3. Love it. I haven't read this one to the kids. I have a rather inappropriate crush on Oliver Jeffers.