Thursday, November 12, 2015

Halloween 2015

Ok, so 12 days in I seem to have run out of things to write about. WHAT?!! I hear you say. 

Just kidding!!

Let me tell you how Halloween played out this year. Last year in Singers, if any of you was paying attention, we went the whole way and decorated with bats and spiders webs and hanging lanterns. We gave out eyeballs we had painted and loads of different kinds of things like colouring pens and eraser in addition to a few sweets.

This year was a rather less handmade affair. When discussions about Halloween began in early October Kid was pretty gung-ho about making things but when push came to shove we were so busy marshalling the mess of unpacked boxes that we agreed it would be absolutely fine to substitute most of the making with buying this one time. 

So we made and put up the Boo sign but I bought the eyeballs (ones that lit up, and ones that were bouncy balls) and some spiders to add to the decor. I found 3 small pumpkins in the supermarket and we bought one at school (ridiculously priced and I won't be doing that again). 

On the day Kid dressed as Captain Rex from Star Wars - a character he has never watched in action but has been handed down a costume for. Since he owns a light sabre bought for a fancy dress birthday party a few years ago he thinks it's just fine! He wasn't keen on going out to trick or treat but thinking it would be a good way to meet a few new kids V took him to a few levels of our building. He promptly came back in 15 minutes and emptied his bucket into our give away basket and waited patiently for the hordes to arrive. 

It wasn't planned very well and people had a hard time figuring out which floors to go to. Something that a simple list of signed up apartments could have solved. But they did come and within the two hours we were out of eyeballs and candy - and we had seen everyone from a popcorn box to a vampire, Peppa pig to a ninja. 

I'll leave you with some pictures so you can see what it looked like. 

Glass lanterns, basket, green beads and checked orange and white cloth from last year. Vallaka's permanently outside our door. 

According to Kid, without hanging bats what is the point. I guess next year I shall have to make more effort. Hopefully, I won't have moving as an excuse....

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