Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A pause

No, I haven't already given up (although given my track record I can see why you would think that).

A very dear friend of mine lost her mum to cancer a few days ago. I just found out today. And a few weeks ago my mum lost one of her cousins. He was elderly and unwell. And then the most tragic of all was an accident taking away a young person who I did not know directly but who was very dear to a whole family that is dear to me. 

With each of the previous two, my uncle and the young man with his whole life yet to be lived ahead of him, I found myself reflecting on how fickle life is. Today's news has piled atop these and the weight of sadness has broken me today. 

I have no words. 


  1. Anonymous5:40 PM

    very sad news indeed. Life is cruel and fickle.
    Hugs. Take care.
    Lost mum in law to cancer 2 years ago. Was diagnosed with "IT" myself 4 years ago and every day is still a struggle. Mum was diagnosed a year ago and her treatment continues. Yet, we are grateful to be still here and still fighting....with our loved ones beside us cheering us on.


    PS: love, love your descriptions of life in HK, so do carry on rambling, writing, posting...will read.

  2. Today my mind has been clouded by this news. Even when the person is older and has lived a full life and people think they are prepared for it, the reality of loss is still a shock. My friend knew this was coming but it's still a loss like no other. I've had the Big C in my family and seen its effects so I can imagine how hard it is to stay strong for your parent and yourself. I can only send you strength and luck and all the good health vibes in the world Deepa - and hope they add to your own strength and ability to get through your struggles.

    PS. You must be be my only reader! I will be back to writing tomorrow. Today I need to let my tears flow.

  3. Hugs. Never easy dealing with loss, at any age.
    My fervent prayer is that my loved ones dont suffer, whatever age they might be and that euthanasia is legal when i am old.