Monday, March 30, 2015

Fish and rain

This year Easter is a bigger deal in Singapore than any year before. Almost like the Expat and local communities have suddenly got in stride at the same time for a little party. There are egg hunts and painting parties galore, exhibitions of painted eggs of all sizes in various spots. 

Spent the morning at the aquarium with Kid. A whisk through while it poured buckets outside. Surprisingly non-crowded for a Sunday morning.The aquarium is celebrating Easter in its own way. These large / giant eggs are sitting patiently in many tanks and Kid found this so amusing he asked to take a picture of each, on his own, with my phone. Here they are:

His favourite is the 4th one - 'the two sand sharks are trying to get under it and topple it over. That is so cute!'

LKY was laid to rest post some brilliant eulogies. I often feel like people should have a chance to hear their eulogies before their passing - it would be so cheering to leave life knowing how wonderful it had all been. It poured as his coffin was led through the streets. It didn't deter an adoring public from lining the streets to mark their respect. And the heavens clearly agreed it was a loss for why else would it rain torrentially. 

It was a day of many parts. It included a trip to the airport to collect friends off a long and tiring flight from London. Nothing like friends from old to cheer one up. Kid and his friend behaved like they had never been apart. The innocence of kids who have indeed forgotten each other but willed themselves to remember using pictures and stories from their parents arsenals of childhood tales. More later. 

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