Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mid holiday round up

Langkawi is little. And we are on a very lazy break in a very lovely resort. Our days are made up of leisurely meals, beach strolls, swimming, water activities like jet skiing and kayaking, beach footie, cheeky monkey watching, little excursions into town for the cable car, the majestic mangroves, ocean speedboat trips and finally giant bubble jacuzzi baths for the two kids.

We, all 4 adults and 2 kids, have become experts at these vacations. All the adults get some down time/ time to pursue activities they are keen on whether it's a book and a beachside hammock or a trek to gaze at birds. And the remaining adults then juggle the activities to keep the kids occupied. It's works well now, this tag team parenting. And to be fair the boys are so perfectly matched that they keep each other entertained and rarely squabble. 

It's a relaxing time. We are all windswept and thoroughly in love with this little island. The food is fabulous and the people so very friendly. Each evening the kids fall asleep in one of the rooms and with interconnecting rooms we sit in the other, gaze out to sea and enjoy the sunset with glasses of proseco and rounds of Uno beside the variations of 'what would you do/ be/ see/ travel if .....?' which is my favourite chatting game. 

We've had the odd 10 minute storm with billowing sand and pouring rain but all that has done has cool the temperature a bit. All in all it's been relaxing and we still have days to go, lucky us! 

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    Sounds and looks fabulous. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.