Thursday, February 06, 2014

The hack job

You would think that a lifetime (ok that's what the unending teen years felt like) of hideous haircuts would teach me not to chop my hair off. That my hair is curly, unmanageable, frizzy and oh so Mallu. But no, clearly not one lesson has been learnt. 

I decided on a whim to ask the hairdresser dude to cut my hair a bit shorter than I normally go for and instead of layering or LISTENING really he just hacked it all off into one awful bob/ blob. 

So instead of the back being a bit longer and the hair framing my face I look like someone put an oversize bowl on my head and just cut off whatever was the overhang. I cannot emphasise how awful it is. Ok, so today it doesn't look terrible but that is only because he added about 6litres of product to it and dried it straight into some semblance of 'done'. 

But even as I left this evening for a movie with a friend the hair had begun its ruthless ascent into a birds nest of frizz. And no amount of yanking will make it stay put in a mini pigtail. Disaster I tellya.

My son said 'oh mama, I don't like it. Make it long again ok?!' (4 year olds have innocence and logic pat down)

My mum said 'I love you'. (And I think she meant inspite of that haircut!)

V just said 'You had a haircut'. (Because that is all that is left to say)

Let me also tell you that it doesn't grow out as fast as it used to. Or as fast as I imagined it grew out. And I don't look younger, just more insane. There seems to be no solution save getting a wig and I'm too lazy for that. I could invest in vats of hair product but I don't think I have the time or patience for it. Either way, I think severe headbands and my glasses balanced on my head at all times seems to be the only way to not look like I have a family of birds residing on my head. See you in a few months.....


  1. Lol! Why is it difficult to find a hairdresser in Singapore? Mine on the other hand chops too little

  2. gotta love your mum's response! Does it look better straight? If it does, you might want to consider "relaxing" it - getting it permanently bonded or straightened. That might help with the length and make it manageable as it grows out.

  3. Anonymous2:07 AM

    heh hehe welcome to my world!
    i have had too many hair mishaps to keep count. from looking like a victim of electrocution to friends coming up with a masculine nickname to fit my hair style to getting this close to shaving off my head just to save myself from utter embarrassment. yep been there done that.
    so thank you for writing this...i don't feel alone anymore.:-))
    as for your hair, dont worry, it will grow back.

  4. You looked lovely when I saw you yesterday so you've obviously DoneSomething to it. Where did you go? I had one of them a few months back. Hand me the scissors, I could make $$$ doing just the same thing. No training required.