Monday, September 02, 2013

Summer of boredom

I can't write anymore. I'm stilled by the heat and trying to reawaken a youthful adventure with design and art by sitting in the air conditioning all day long.

When I couldn't find any blue slip on canvas shoes for Kid (whose shoe budget needs its own mortage) I went ahead and bought the most inexpensive white/ cream pair I could find. I can see you all nod your collective Internet heads in unison. White + Small boy = Mess/ total shoe destruction.

And yes that is probably what is going to happen. To make them look less white and stark I've drawn a different turtle on each and covered the heels and sides with some deep blue waves. I figure when the brown/ grey dirt comes, and come it will, it will just look like the turtles are making their way from the ground/ beach to the sea. 

Till then I'm just going to pretend I can convince him to sit quietly without scuffing his shoes along the ground as he walks. 


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    wow!!! great idea...50in2016

  2. Those have to be the coolest shoes I've seen in a long time!