Friday, September 13, 2013


V is 40 today. Considering I met him when he was 17 I'd say he's aged well. Or maybe it's only I that can still see the schoolboy in him. 

What do you give someone who has everything they need? Homemade gifts zindaabad! 

First up, door hanger which says '40' on one side and 'winks' on the other. Its a wooden car shaped hanger which we covered in blue acrylic paint and once dry used masking tape to make tape resist numbers and letters in green. As in at your age, Old man, you need 40 winks. Cheeky, I know!

Then the obligatory T-shirt. One that cannot be returned because we drew on it with fabric pen. I drew his and Kid's hand prints on paper a few weeks ago and then cut those out to trace on the T-shirt. I wanted to embroider or get embroidered these outlines but I was too lazy and it was too cumbersome a task to organise so this is what he got. 

We've breakfasted at Paul (such a disappointment after London's Paul), shopped for groceries and are now chilling at home before Kid and I bake a cake this afternoon. V's brother and family will come round in the evening and we'll have smoked salmon on baguettes, guacamole and veggies, home made pizza and a chocolate cake. 

All a far cry from birthday picnic/ holiday on a beach that I had planned for his 40th. V is working on his day off (typical), Kid and I have colds and fever that's making one of us very grumpy (also typical). 

This is turning 40. Quiet, too quiet. 

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