Monday, July 15, 2013

Hmmm cake

I wanted to show you more decor thingies I did, like the black masking train track on the floor and better shots of the giant cardboard boxes with their show box funnels that the kids loved climbing in and out of. Also a proper shot of the food train on its track. Sadly I relied on my phone camera and was too quickly distracted by the hordes of children to get any proper ones. 

But I couldn't not post these. The cake was a copy of something I found on Pinterest. Replicated by a local bakery with minor changes suggested by me. That's a real Thomas train, rescued as soon as the birthday song was sung and candles blown out. The kids loved the cake and the 5 kilos of it was polished off in no time at all! 

And the cupcake was made by my sister-in-law. It's just about the only sweet thing my savoury loving son will tolerate because its really not that sweet. The train cupcake holders added to the theme and these large ones were on the table with food for the adults. The kids table had smaller ones in red and white and blue polka dot holders and balanced on a tent cupcake holder. 

So cake, cupcake and food train. May the Fourth be with you my son! 

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