Thursday, January 10, 2013

The stack

Very few things in life give me absolute joy. Books do. Absolute joy. And these two bookshelves make my book gazing ever so enjoyable.

I saw this a fair few years ago on an American website but they didn't ship internationally. So I continued to hunt and finally found someone who imported them. It became my birthday gift. When I say given what I really mean is that I had to do the research, order, chase the delivery and then say thank you to the man paying. Part of that deal was that I could buy 70 new books to fill it. Which I did in no time at all.

They look like a stack of books but in reality it's small removable (but not adjustable) shelves which hold up about 5 books each.

About a year later the stack on the floor was growing and we bought another. These are from a store on Shoreditch (even saying that name makes me miss East London) which orders them from Italy. They took about 6 weeks from order to delivery. Of course soon after our second purchase the reliable John Lewis brought out a knock off for a third of the price.

These are now in our home in Singapore, sitting patiently in the living room. The books are well thumbed and a bit yellowing but each one is a keeper.

I often think, and am advised by disbelieving friends, that I should invest in a kindle and stop killing every forest on earth. But my heart cannot bear the thought. The sight of these two majestic book towers brings me an indescribable happiness that I am unwilling to trade for an electronic reader. Yet.


  1. Loved it then, love it now. :)

  2. Oh, forgot to add - I love my Kindle mainly for when I'm travelling, what with the ever dwindling check-in luggage limit! How else would you take a few hundred books along? :) Not that I get through a few hundred, but I do finish a fair few.

  3. Okay, coming back to the bookshelf... do you remember the name of the American retailer/website, perchance? I need to buy my bro a housewarming prezzie and what better than this!

  4. It's from - search for sapiens bookshelf on design within reach (dwr). Be aware it's an addictive website.

    I know how many books I need on vacation and I'm kit not brave enough to go kindle. I'll fill my suitcase with paperbacks thanks!

  5. Hey, love your furniture stories. A new reader. :) Recently moved to London and am hunting for some good book shelves and other assorted furniture. Could you please share the name of the store in Shoreditch you picked these from?