Thursday, January 03, 2013

Better late than never?

In the excitement of the move and the tiresome process of moving I didn't manage to do anything creative for our Christmas tree this year. I had lots of ideas, none of which involved a real or plastic tree, but sadly they all seemed outside the grasp of my long days.

My kid however has been asking for a tree for months now and although he is not yet enamoured or understanding of the whole festival I thought it would be nice for us to do something.

So at Hong Kong airport in early December when I spotted a wooden frame tree at Muji I thought it might be good project for us to do together. It's a tiny tree but we spent two afternoons painting each part and decorating the tiny wood decorations and putting ribbon around the base. We made an origami star which lasted a week till Thomas the train ran over it 'by mistake'. It slots together which means that in theory we can use this again. I do wonder if we will though. That would be the environmentally sound thing to do. Maybe in addition to something next year.

So since the second week of December this tiny tree has sat on our entrance table next to a bowl of keys and post. And now when I try to remove it with the excuse that Christmas has passed for now SOMEONE has a HUGE problem. Wonder how long it shall take us to convince him that it's time? Easter is my bet.


  1. This tree is super cute and exactly what I needed this year since we have no space for our bigger tree. Why didn't I think to look in Muji? Thomas at the base is a cute little boy touch.

  2. Muni in Hong Kong had way more stuff than here in Singapore. And so many variations of small wooden trees. We don't have a space issue at the moment but this seemed like a good project for us to do together when it was raining and impossible to go out. Maybe check in the sales? You'd be so well planned for next Christmas!!!

  3. Also Thomas is not my touch. My nosy assistant insisted on it.