Sunday, March 18, 2012

Resolution fail - 4

It is typical. I have a wardrobe stuffed to the gills but not a stitch of clothing appropriate to any situation be it tea at the Ritz or dinner with girlfriends.

I am Fat. There's no getting around it. But it's not something that bothers me much. Probably because despite my weight I am fairly fit. I walk a lot, swim a lot and run after my kid a lot. I pretend to gym a lot. Wait, no, I pay for the gym but don't go a lot. Coming back to the weight, the only problem it causes is the variety of clothes available. And the occasional offer of a tube seat because I look a bit pregnant. (who am I kidding, that ain't a problem).

Im off the beaten track. So anyway, as part of my resolution of owning less and pruning what I own I had a first go at my cupboard over the Christmas break. It was pretty easy. I was fairly ruthless and gave away 4 bags of clothes to charity shops for other fat people to enjoy. I gave away things that didn't really fit, colours I thought did not suit me and styles that were just stretched sacks. 4 big bags. Aren't you proud of me?

But in the new year when I looked back into my cupboard the clothes seem to have magically grown and ever single thing was either brown or black or denim blue. In other words Blah!

And then I discovered I had thrown away so many pairs of trousers that I had precisely um three pairs to wear on a daily basis. To do all that running behind child and take the spills of juice and yogurt, the smears of snot and mud like troopers. My washing machine would be working overtime.

So last weekend I replaced the trousers on a whirlwind hour shop with three new pairs (less than I threw away but joining forces with the ones I kept, adequate)

I still have piles of shirts and tops and dresses and jumpers I can't bear to part with. Which I haven't worn in years or which are threadbare and unit for use as anything but rags but which sentimentality refuses to let me touch.

My cupboard is still stuffed to the gills. Clothes and air playing tricks or merely relaxing into the space. I need a wardrobe overhaul I cannot afford and/ or a new body I am too lazy to pursue. I am also going to India in a week and will no doubt buy all manner of clothes that will never be used in London.

I'm failing this resolution on so many counts that it's staggering. Thank goodness There are nine months of the year left for me to sort it out.


  1. Put away the ones you don't use in a box and don't see it for 6 months. And if you never open it in that time, dispose of it?

    Or stuff your suitcases on your trip to India with the stuff you can't bear to part with - this way you'll have to decide between new clothes you'll want to buy and leaving behind the ones you carried?

    (I'm all about tough love, clearly. Except, I'm still hanging on to my tons of short skirts and the works, remnants of a past life that I'm don't wear enough of now. Sigh.)

  2. @ shub: the put away and not used for 6 month plan has many flaws (or maybe the flaws are in my character). First I don't have the space to box away stuff, box like British housing be damned. Second I would just open the boxes after 6 months say oh how I missed you, stuff em back in the cupboard and never wear them again.

    Re para 2: my suitcases are sadly so stuffed with other stuff that I am already resorting to just a bag of clothes for my entire trip.

    Re para 3: tell me about it! Thats probably why my cupboards are dull and full and have nothing in them to wear. The longing for a thinner more glamourous me?!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Its good to see fresh content always.

  4. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Didn't know you guys were going to India. A week from 18th you say - so you folks in India at the moment? When are you back? You all should come home over the easter weekend if you are back and free.

    - Sunil

  5. Anonymous3:45 PM

    This website and cupboard cleansing behaviour really helped me :