Saturday, December 10, 2011

This evening

At the end of a long busy week of managing my child's hectic social life I am out in central London having an evening with friends. We ate at the ever popular Busaba and chatted over the din of busy diners also enjoying and evening out. And then we walked the length of Oxford street taking advantage of late night shopping to try on winter hats. With my mad mop of hair I just look more deranged if that's possible. The only hat that might suit costs more than I am willing to spend. But as an exercise it was super fun. Also the only person not looking for a hat bought a lovely bright Christmas party dress so we all feel like our time and her money has been well spent. I've bought V a couple of kathi rolls and am now on my way home. Life is made of sticky children and wonderful girl friends! G'nite!


  1. Hi 30in2005, just wanted to drop you a short note. Good to see you back and blogging so regularly. Am a bit envious of you at the moment - going out with girl friends, visiting places with family and generally having a ball at home with son. Keep the writing going. Chinty

  2. Let's just agree that:
    a) I didn't look fat in that dress I bought
    b) you didn't look deranged in that hat you didn't buy.

    btw, I bought a hat for TG. Let's see if it fits her big head! :)