Tuesday, December 06, 2011


My ears hurt. And feel all blocked. My tonsils are,as usual, out of a summer hibernation and desperately foraging for every virus and bacteria they can latch on to. Swallowing is painful. And yet I have a full social life (or rather am secretary to the child that does) of a playdate and the first of many Christmas parties today. Home hippy remedies to suggest anyone?


  1. Anonymous10:35 PM


    Hot water with lemon, grated ginger and honey is what is keeping me going. As well as lemsip and salt water gargling.

  2. I second the above! Wonder if you can get tulsi? Get well soon!

  3. "secretarty to a child that does". Spot on. Adults barely can have a social life that can compare.

  4. Our family is also suffering. Tips:
    - Shut the bathroom door, power on a hot shower and sit in the steaming room for 15-30 minutes. If with child, then take some toys/books in.
    - Bowl of hot water, towel, stick your head under towel and breathe, perhaps with ginger essence.
    - Teaspoon each of honey, lemon and turmeric mixed together and taken regularly. Good for children too.

  5. Anonymous3:33 PM

    hahah betamicardia and hepa sulpha!!!Ask the pro - ME!