Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Five: X or A whole new world

1. I've left my job. Of 5 years. Taken a career break as it were.

2. From tomorrow I am not just a full-time mum, I'm a hands on mum.

3. I'm still a committed feminist. I'll just be doing my bit to defend women's rights on my own time and dime.

4. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. I feel free and very very happy.

5. It's a whole new world. I'm joining this party late but I am ever so excited to be here.


  1. I sent Aditi to daycare today - so I can look for a job :)

  2. When were you a "hands-off" mom?!

    Seriously, though - congrats. How great to be completely free, eh?

  3. @ Beks: role reversal!!

    @ Shona: When he is at nursery!!! Super nice in this weather...

  4. That's a biggie! Welcome to the other side. :)

  5. Nice.

    Welcome to other side. :)

    I just started telling people I have a business. When someone asks what do I do, I still reply, I stay home with the kids :)

  6. Enjoy this new phase in your life!

  7. sounds great! have fun :)