Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Kitchen confidential - 2

1. My dream kitchen is IN the catalogue. I did not know it was my dream kitchen till I saw it. Also I am easily swayed by pretty pictures and the most impractical yet beautiful design. I am a marketers dream.

2. Turns out that that was my dream kitchen only in THAT dream. I turned the page and lo and behold another kitchen is calling out to me.

3. I am not going to be indecisive. I show V the shortlist of 2 from the catalogue. He points at the one he likes best, says we should ‘go for it’, and with his winning smile makes me think that it was all my bright idea to begin with. I love this man.

4. So I look some more and finally decide on which kitchen I want from the catalogue. Although I don’t want its appliances or tiles or worktop.

5. I want an American two door fridge freezer, a pull out larder, a wine cooling fridge thing and an island. Yes, an island. One of those big block things in the middle of the kitchen around which my many friends and family sit and sip wine while I cook Boeuf Bourguignon a la Nigella Lawson. An island with hidden storage and a genie/housekeeper that will bake us muffins and iron clothes.

6. My kitchen however, is not co-operating. It is too small and everything appliance wise will have to stay exactly where it was. No big fridge freezer for this home, no siree.

7. You know how people say ‘your eyes are bigger than your tum’? Well it turns out that my eyes are bigger than my kitchen. Waaay bigger. My real kitchen would fit on the island in the middle of that dream kitchen - such is the discrepancy between my mind’s eye and the real dimensions.

8. The sad reality is that I am the island in the kitchen. I will stand in the middle of the units and whirl about being the genie/ housekeeper who only whips up sad sandwiches.

9. Now that I have made my peace with the ‘no island’ part of the programme I am digging in in earnest to make sure that my chosen kitchen will suit our small flat, limited space and budget. Does such a creature exist?

10. I have decided on a kitchen with black units and oak worktops and Travatine wall and floor tiles. I have negotiated what I think is an expensive but fair deal with my builders to pull this one out, make a few structural alterations, fit the new kitchen, paint and clean up after themselves. Let the games begin.


  1. @No 7 - oh I SO feel your pain! :)

  2. Pictures, pretty please?

  3. Having lived through a kitchen renovation and multiple other major home improvement projects, i can tell you that the experience is similar to childbirth. The pain is excruciating but the pleasure later far outweighs the pain.

    LOL on #8! I too had to give up the island. That was tough!
    Your kitchen sounds lovely. Look forward to seeing pictures.

  4. sounds gorgeous! We have a dream kitchen too. The real one is pretty nice too.

  5. I too dream of fancy islands and bathtub-sized real porcelain washing up sinks...sigh. Good on you for being brave enough to take it on. I'm sure you'll love it after it's finished because it will be what you wanted, and even if it's not all there the relief of having it all over and fresh-looking will make you happy.

  6. I love those islands too.. Wish my kitchen was such big enough to get that done.. As of now, I am simply getting the cupboards made... May be some day, I shall have my dream kitchen come alive...