Tuesday, August 03, 2010


1. I feel Old.
2. I am 35.
3. The Birthday was on the 15th of July.
4. Too late to blog about it?
5. Did not even manage to stay awake till midnight - at least not midnight in London.
6. 9 years on, my folks still follow the born in India birthday by India time rule – so they wishes me at 7.30pm London time, midnight India time.
7. On the day, dropped my babyboy to nursery and went to work.
8. Where no one but two colleagues-turned-friends remembered it was my birthday.
9. This was good because otherwise I would have had to indulge in idle office chatter, eat an M&S cake, and become yet fatter.
10. I seemed to be in meetings all day. Boring boring boring.
11. Is it true what they say, about how your day goes is how your year goes?
12. I sincerely hope not. If it does then I am, as I say to babyboy, deep in the poo.
13. On the plus side I went out for lunch to Pizza Express
14. And with a coupon (age has made me miserly) spent next to nothing on a delicious pizza
15. My colleague-friends gave me (surreptitiously) a card, a bunch of cornflowers, a bracelet and a notepad for my desk.
16. Non-work people were fab. I had calls and texts all day.
17. And loads of Facebook messages (although some were from people who would normally not say anything so I think it might have been on autopilot, thereby discounted.)
18. All the technology made me feel wanted.
19. Went home and spent the evening like any other although V came home slightly earlier than normal.
20. And he bought a 1 kg tub of Zaza ice cream.
21. We are still trying to finish it.
22. All in all the quietest birthday ever. If you ignore the buzz of technology all around me.
23. Also slightly depressing.
24. On Friday I had a fabulous evening with my girls.
25. Got some smashing gifts: Plenty and a load of amazing necklaces.
26. Drinks at a noisy pub.
27. Followed by Chinese food at Phoenix Palace
28. Followed by walk down Marylebone High Street. Quiet at night. Best time for window shopping.
29. Subsequently realised this was for benefit of M who was leaving to go back to India in mere days and for Broom &TG to re-acquaint themselves with how quaint London can be.
30. Ended up at ice cream place in St. Christopher’s Place, chatting well into the night.
31. On Saturday evening V and I put babyboy to sleep, left our babysitter in charge and escaped to Soho.
32. Superb, proper grown-up evening of people gazing, chatting and delicious dinner at Koya to boot.
33. I feel loved.
34. I feel 35.
35. I feel Young.


  1. your birthday weekend did sound aweome! Happy Birthday again!

  2. happy birthday again, fellow July born. I spent the day at work too, feeling slightly maudlin

  3. Happy belated birthday, another random technology greeting to make you feel good ;) . Try the paella recipe in the ottolenghi book, I made it today of all days and then read your post. It's delish.


  4. Grown-up birthdays can be slightly depressing until you realise that quiet birthdays are good too. And it's easier not to be wished by every tom, dick and mary.

  5. Many happy returns and I hope this year is everything you need and lots of what you want. Sounds like a lovely extended celebration.

  6. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Belated Happy Birthday ! Your birthday weekend sounds like fun.
    I second Chinchu - the paella recipe in that book is very good.

  7. Happy Birthday! It was my birthday yesterday but I won't get round to blogging about it for another few days as too busy.

  8. Hi! started reading your posts recently..Good post :)

  9. Anonymous10:19 PM

    miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    m in madras

  10. Happy belated b'day :) And I like nos 33, 34 and 35 very much!

  11. Belated birthday wishes!

  12. Awwww- and of course you are young.

  13. Belated Happy birthday, from another Cancerian! Quiet birthdays are nice! Wait until your babyboy starts wishing you (at first being amazed that moms have birthdays too!)

  14. Anonymous7:56 PM

    why are you not writing more often...mandy