Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Five - I

1. If statistics are to be believed apparently I can no longer be counted upon to come up with cogent posts worth reading. So for the forseeable future I will be making these mini-lists of Five. Feel free to ignore me.
2. I have become the scatter-brained woman who neither brushes her hair nor bathes till all hours of the day. I blame it on the baby who does not yet have his own blog to defend himself.
3.The best books for midnight reading are the non-heavy paperback kind that can be held with one hand. This week I have finished the 4 Ox-tales books: Water, Air, Fire, Earth - each a series of short stories by remarkable writers. Loved most of the stories. Should I bother with a review?
4. Have discovered that homemade garlic ciabatta's are the stuff of evening snacks especially on days when it is raining. It's also something that everyone will happily eat without comment or advice on how to make it better. Take one ciabatta, slice through, butter on both sides, sprinkle chopped garlic, dill and chives, wrap in foil and refrigerate or freeze. Then bake at 180 deg preheated oven in foil for 22 minutes direct from freezer or 18 minutes from the fridge. Slice while hot and eat while hot.
5. I have installed Skype much to the delight of my parents who NEED to see their one and only grandchild gurgle and coo in order to be able to sleep each night. And introduced my in-laws (staying with us) and V's brother in Singapore to it as well - so all grandbabies can be seen across the world. Everyone is behaving as if they have just discovered electricity.


  1. I can't read anything but magazines now - the only real downside to motherhood.

  2. I can't believe you've just installed skype-it is almost as if you have just discovered electricity!

  3. Anonymous4:45 AM

    i am still getting there...40in2006

  4. Beks: I find magazines don't put me back to sleep. I need the heft and comfort of fiction!!

    Ra: I knew all about skype - just never installed it on our old computer because nobody in our fsmily had it. We have all discovered electricity!!

    40in2006: Get it NOW!!!

  5. Been following your posts for a while and like most items on Reader, this happened by accident. The Five Point thing on your blog is nice and easy on the head and the eyes. Happy Belated Bday!