Monday, July 06, 2009


It was Wimbledon weather (i.e. rain rain) for only a day in the past two weeks - besides that one day of run we have had uninteruupted days of glorious sunshiny weather. All the better to welcome my parents and aunt into town. They arrived on Wednesday morning and in a manoeuver reminiscent of troop movements my mother came home with one set of baggage while my dad waited for my aunt and fthen ollowed a few hours later.

What has followed has been days of eating and drinking and talking. Mostly talking with short pauses for the other things. Stories and gossip and news and reminiscing. Fun fun fun.

My aunt left on Saturday for the next leg of her holiday. Then we went for lunch to my favourite Royal China where copious amounts of dimsum and beansprout noodles were consumed, all sitting outside in the bright sunshine and enjoying a cool riverside breeze. Came home to watch the Williams sisters play for the Wimbledon womens title - all sitting in our sun soaked living room and drinking cool things. Of course the weather won't last (already it was cooler and cloudier today) but while it does YAY!

Spent today at home, pottering around and organising the chaos that so many people in one tiny flat are bound to create. Watched Roddick and Federrer go at the Wimbledon title. Thrilled that Fedex won even though Roddick looked like the stronger player throughout.

Wimbledon is done for this year. Strawberries and cream no more.


  1. how nice for you. haven't stopped eating since my mum came.

  2. "Thrilled that Fedex won even though Roddick looked like the stronger player throughout."