Thursday, November 20, 2008

See you sunshine

This weekend I'm leaving behind the London forecast of artic winds and 2 flakes of snow for the sunnier climes of California. I'm taking V, tonnes of suggestions of where to eat and the joy of knowing that when I get to SFO I will see my most favourite cousin (40in2006) and adorable nieces after too long. I hear that one of them, whom I have cradled in my arms when she was just a rosebud baby and I was just a young thing, is now taller than me. I'm not sure how I shall face this horror of being the shortest (yet again!) - I guess the 7 year old who is still shorter than me shall have to be my solace.

It's my first trip to San Francisco in over 10 years and V has never been anywhere in the US besides New York - so it's fuzzy memories for me and just movie scenes for him to go by. I hope to indulge in aimless wandering, friend and family mixing, excess food adventures and super retail therapy to boost the economy. Oh, and to smile ALL THE TIME.

Wish me good weather!


  1. Have a sunny vacation :) And for some reason I'd always pictured you as this tall person. I'm five feet three and a half too :D (Okay the too part counts only if your prev doc has been proven wrong!)

  2. Highly recommend the Cha cha cha in Haight Ashbry for Cuban food - was delicious!

    Have fun! I've been to SF only once but fell in love with it!

  3. Anonymous12:41 AM

    have fun and good weather!

  4. Anonymous10:41 AM

    hi :) recently came across ur blog. loved it!

    loved the topics, the way you write, the way you link to restaurants and things like that.

    as a new fan, am going to take the liberty of asking you a favor.

    you have so many posts on so many different things happening in ur life. most of them fun, lively, funny. i wonder if you had any hi-cups at all? to be specific - am taking about in-law issues. i moved all way to the US to stay as far as possible. but I dont seem to get out of their radius of attack. i get a full dose of 6 months per year and the rest i get it thrice a day thru phone calls.

    I am a corporate bahu but i also follow indian tradition. but according to them, still am bad or evil or in other words, they are always perfect - a thousand levels above me - in thoughts, deeds, religious practice, and object of my husband's affection. my husband gives double of what they demand.

    I have always been a problem solver. but this one, i just dont seem to make head or tail of. i've never raised my voice (never been allowed to - coz of my devote-to-parents husband) against them. tried to meet all their requirements while succeeding leeps and bounds in the job. but still am in a quagmire. i feel like am 2 inches tall....and to worsen it all, my mil has an evil clone - my sil.

    i dont know if u had inlaw issues. if you did, i would be interested to know how on earth did u handle them?

  5. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Welcome! :)

  6. California... you are a lucky female... Have heard so much about the place and its weather that its the only place in US which I ever want to visit, given a chance..
    have good fun...

  7. Have a great trip!

    Excuse me, while I turn green :p

  8. Anonymous12:56 AM

    nice, nice, nice! SF is one my favorite cities.

    I am not so sure about the sunshine part though. SF can get pretty cold in Nov/Dec, though surely not as cold as London does during that time. Have fun!

  9. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Recommend a stroll thru the maze like topsy turvy bylanes of chinatown in SF and dirt cheap mani/pedis in tiny parlors by ultra efficient aestheticians:-)And yeah, early morning dumplings and chicken ginseng soup at any one of the numerous eateries there. In this weather would be great start to day. Personally I think NYC's chinatown beats the ones in both London and SF but SF is a close second. Enjoy maadi, 30in05( me too turned 30in05 BTW).

  10. You only just got back from holiday!! I am jealous... have a fabulous, sunny and yummy time.

  11. Lots of sun and fun!

  12. Shub: Thanks! Especially for picturing me as tall!

    B: Sadly I missed it amidst the million other recommendations and actual food destinations we went to!

    Mg/ Soulmate/ Ammani/ Chakli/ Mallika/ LAK: Thanks

    Anon: I think you have come to the wrong blog by mistake! You need advice like I can't give. Good luck though!

    Deepa: Thanks for advice. Mostly taken but disagree about teh chinatown. SF's is really lovely, more quaint because its still lived in by the rent control loving chinese!