Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A few days of running

It's Diwali people! And despite a very hectic few days I am planning to celebrate properly. So 1 diya on Dhanteras (done), 11 diyas on choti diwali (done - albeit at 20 minutes to midnight last night) and today 21 diyas (not yet though). Last year was a bit of a washout but I think I will save that story for contrast effect with how spectacular this year is going to be.

The reason for both the hectic-ness and the to-be spectacular Diwali celebration is the very best kind. My aunt and uncle are in town, all the way from India, on a sort of half work, half holiday thing. This is my father's younger sister, the one whose temprement I aspire to. So fun things we've done so far since Friday night include:
- A trip to Victoria Station bright and early on Saturday morning to put them on an all day tour of the Cotswalds, Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford. You would think that we'd rest during the day, but no, OH NO, instead we swam 40 laps and then entertained out of town friends enroute to India with their 350 bags and 1 child, cooking a mushroom pasta lunch, adding another lot of friends to the mix for an afternoon of numerous rounds of tea/ coffee/ alcohol and an entire bag of banana chips & borubon biscuits, all amidst the laughter that only good friends can spare.
- Brunch at the Tea Palace on Westbourne Grove on a rainy Sunday and a good walk around the picturesque streets of Notting Hill.
- Tea and snacks at our home with visiting cousins come to see the Aunt and uncle.
- Their anniversary dinner at La Tasca, which although very much part of a chain of restaurants most often comes up trumps. It did and we enjoyed a host of tapas and a chorizo and squid paella. Rolled home in the freezing cold.
- Mama Mia! at the Prince Edward Theatre at the intersection of Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus last night. Was bright and energetic and oh such relief from the drudgery of life. Although 80% of the audience were tourists from non-English speaking countries they ALL knew the words and sang loudly along. I saw this in New York with V last year and was struck but how similar yet different the shows were on either side of the pond. On balance I think the Brits carried off the humour better while the American lot had an impressive theatre and more energy. Everyone had glorious voices.
- Yummy hot dinner in Chinatown after the show. And then a cab home to wake V up and say our prayers and light the 11 diyas.

Woke up to the sound of our alarms this morning. Diwali although it doesn't feel quite like it yet. I'm wearing a bright zari-fied ethnic kurti to work today, my defiance to the staid office uniform. No one on the train could tell as my overcoat saved their eyes from the BRIGHTNESS. People in office - not so lucky!!!

Happy Diwali everyone. If it's something you celebrate I hope you have a wonderful time. I certainly intend to.


  1. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Happy Happy Haaaaaaaaaappppy Diwali!


  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Happy Diwali to you and V and all you hold dear!

  3. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Your weekends always sound such fun!

    Have a super Diwali!

  4. Happy Diwali

  5. Happy Diwali. The contrast post should be fun...

  6. hope you had a terrific Diwali, we sure did! Thanks:)

  7. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Belated Diwali greetings! You seem to have had a fantastic time.

    I haven't been enthu enough for diyas yet but did light some tea light candles this year.

  8. Hey, belated happy diwali and all that. I feel exhausted just reading about your schedule. Still, at least you got a disco bright kurta on for work. Most impressive.