Tuesday, August 12, 2008

That blog, this blog

There are genres of blog writing I cannot bear and then there is just narrow minded, self-centred, bad writing that spews forth from trawling through the blogosphere. I try and avoid both but often my eyes are drawn to these. I then torture V with a lot of ranting about what other people write that bends everything I think or believe out of shape. He nods wisely, agrees because he loves me but really has no clue because he barely has the time to read the Economist and watch his quota of TV let alone trawl the blogworld for mind fodder. He patiently tells me I should stop reading things that irritate me so. Or take in and even enjoy the other world view. I try. Mostly I succeed and stop reading the ones that most irritate me most. But some things are like an addiction. I find myself going back to read the next set of self-obsessed precocious nonsense. I am definitely an addict. I know they drive my blood pressure up but I cannot help myself from going back to read the sanctimonious crap. I am searching for a permanent cure.

I choose my blogroll with care, and there is no one on it whose writing does not rank highly in my opinion for interest, imagination, viewpoint, clarity or humour. Some or all of those. I leave bloggers on it WHO I WANT to read daily. Of course none of them writes daily. I really wish they would though. Some have become friends, virtual and real. Many provide an interesting blip to the day, a view point that makes me think in a different way. That allows me to appreciate alternate opinions, different contexts and incisive minds. I used to be oft petty and refuse to include anyone who didn’t have me on their blogroll. I realized the futility of this quickly so now it’s a list I want to read rather than a list that reads me.

I love the new bloglist thing that updates the blogroll continuously. I had to put everyone into the new thing and I fear some whom I read regularly have been left off. I do know most url’s by heart but I’m only human (CeeKay, I know you have been missed out – promise to rectify asap!). If you read me and think I should be reading you or if you have been relegated to the ‘Once in a while’ heap but promise to be good and write (YOU know who YOU are) or if you used to be but are not on there now and should be - please please please put your hand up now.

Of my own writing I am deeply tired. Some days I have nothing to say. Others I have too much to say but no time to. And yet others I spend toying with ‘what if’s’. What if this person reads this and feels bad? What if I say something I regret? Aren’t words like arrows, once they leave the bow there is no changing their course? Sometimes I feel I should say things when the thought comes to me – isn’t that the point of my blog – to be spontaneous. Then I get side-tracked by other. Or I think about all the other blog stirring up their own hornets nest and I shrink back in cowardice. I don’t take harsh-ness kindly and I don’t know how I’d react – maybe my vicious self will emerge. She is not nice. You would not be friends with her.

So I write blah blah mundane blah. Or ignore this place. Neither is fulfilling.

And mostly the evil thoughts pass but really I am going to hell for even thinking them.


  1. I said a small prayer when I hopped from the feed reader to here - please let her still have me. :)

    While Sri doesn't read blogs, I think I've sort of bullied him into reading one or two - and he seems to read the ones that I loathe the most. So he knows what I am going to bitch about.

    On the other hand, I need to stop my fake-blogging. By which I mean pick up random youtube clips and post them.

  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Because you wrote and feel that first paragraph is why we are friends, sweetie.

  3. Anonymous7:27 PM

    just to let you know, I love reading your blog!!!!

    of course feed reader ha made me one lazy person who has to make a huge effort to always post comments... but still!!!

  4. Since I have been let go I must have irritated you. Damn that anger of yours :-)

  5. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Let the rage out...!

  6. Hmmm.. can relate to this in a way. I used to make those one off posts whenever I read something I didn't quite agree with. But I suppose it's all history now.

    Oh and i'm still in your blogroll?? :O:O:O

  7. LOL! After that, I double checked to ensure I was still on your blogrool ;-)

    And babe, your writing is never mundane - insightful is the word I'd have used. Especially LOVED all the stuff you wrote on turning 33.

  8. hehe, everyone's busy checking the blogroll to see if we're still listed :)
    And I echo Rohini's thoughts up there...not that it was never entertaining...but I loved the posts around your birthday, like I do the ones you do on your gym routines as well. Mundane is hardly the word..

  9. Anonymous3:16 PM

    The number of blogs I read seems to have come down to handful now. Need to start bloghopping and finding some good blogs.

  10. Thank you all! More gym madness is forming a post in my head, so beware....

    WA: When you find some keep me posted!

    J: please will you email me - not the invite, just an email as the invite seems not to be working....

  11. Anonymous8:23 PM

    I likessss your blog postsssss, my precioussss... and I'm one of those who think you should be writing more often :) Although to be fair, when you do write, they're nice long substantial posts!

  12. Sent.. to the toad and the goose. Toad bounced btw..

  13. Hiya. I've a friend visiting London for three days soonish. She has asked me, the Oxford 'dehati', about things to do in London. All you girls (Broom included) seem to be the perfect persons to go to for must-see, must-do recommendations. Could I please ask her to get in touch with you?

  14. Anonymous7:35 PM

    You are not going to hell. You have stacked way too many points on your heaven side with these lovely insightful posts (that you call mundane). Thank you for making me feel like a normal person, because reading blogs that only irritate me was my little secret, i thought.

    And, phew! glad that i still make the cut on the blogroll.

  15. I am one of the non-updating offenders. Can I use mommy-dom as an excuse? At least, I still made it to your blogroll madam!

  16. Can I still wish you a VERY belated happy birthday- have a good year ahead!

  17. I often feel the same way about my blog--the stuff I really want to write, I don't feel like it's an appropriate venue for. So what I write feels mundane and false. What I really need is a journal, and if anyone reads it, I don't want to know any of them in real life.

    Oh, well.

    I do pop over here occasionally, but I won't be offended in the least if you don't add me to your blog role.


  18. I love your blog !
    'enuff said :)

  19. Phew. I'm glad I made the cut! I have to say I enjoy your opinionated observations, general chit chat and rampant rants. You go girl!

  20. Hey, you made my day!! You mentioned me??? I am flattered :D

    Yeah, but I don't mind being left out. It is the thought that counts, innit?