Friday, March 21, 2008

Name-dropping Delhi

We all do it here in Delhi. The minute the cop at the traffic lights stops someone they are on their mobile phones, using connections, dropping names - anything to get out of this and any other minor tight spot. Sometimes its vanity, it sounds nice, like at a party - to see who knows who and how important it can make one sound. I have plenty to tell but this is not the time. Instead here is a funny titbit.

This is Tuesday morning. Nobody seems to be at work. They are either in their cars stopping traffic or in Khan Market spending their magic money. SilverLine is new to Khan Market. The original was the floor of someone's house near Bengali market where I have spent more of my youth than I care to admit or even really remember rifling through bags of lovely jewels. This is a far more sophisticated dive, drawers and showcases, all matched by higher prices. I am enticed by this chain of hollow silver beads and can't decide how many I should buy.

Two women are looking at the same drawer as me now. Silver rings of every shape and design.
Woman 1: This is nice nah?! (She has 2 rings on, one a hideous monstrosity, the other a delicate band)
Woman 2: I can't find anything yaar! (High pitched wail to accompany impatient tapping of her very high heels)
W1 adds 3 more rings to the same hand and admiringly says: What do you think if I get all of these? How nice it looks no if I wear all of these at once? (She can barely lift her hand with the weight of all that silver and stone). Gauri wears it like this.
W2: Your friend Gauri? From your colony? Akshat ki mom?
W1: Not that one yaar. My other friend Gauri, Gauri Khan, Shahrukh ki wife.

I bought a big ring with 4 turquoise stones in it. My mother thinks this is a passing phase in my new found taste for big bulky rings and that by the time I reach London I will be over it and never wear it again. It covers half my hand and weighs my finger down as I type this. I think I love it. I hope Gauri approves.


  1. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Oooo, photo of the ring please, yaar!

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM


    sounds lovely, hope I get to see it soon...

  3. lovely chunky rings and lovely lovely jewelery!!! - i can't wait to shop in India.
    ps: Oh yeah - I think gauri would approve ;)

  4. Photo please.
    Good old Gauri, good friend to many:)

  5. came across your blog at random *waves* :o)

    sounds like a funky ring :o)

  6. Yes, photo please!And ha ha about Gauri!

  7. Anonymous6:15 AM

    LOL! Gauri to kya Gauri ki maa will also approve.