Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Good v Bad - nobody wins

The bad news: We’ve been eating all our meals out for 7 continuous days while we got organized, packed and moved.

The good news: The most nutritious thing has probably been the idli’s at Saravana Bhavan.

The bad news: I, the queen of all things Wagamama, have now sworn off them. For a bit at least.

The good news: We cooked our first meal in the new place on Monday – Bhindi, aloo subji and rotis. Never have I been so enamored with home cooked food.

The bad news: UFO light removal has left big gaping holes in the ceiling. Bare wires with sockets and dim bulbs do not make for a romantic setting. Or encourage unpacking with speed.

The good news: We hunted down and agreed on spotlights. Electrician uncle is fitting them in all the rooms today and tomorrow.

The bad news: I have to sit in the rubble and work (as my boss has kindly allowed me to ‘work from home’ rather than sit in office and yell at the electrician down the phone) . Then I have to clean up.

The good news: Once we can see the light maybe we will want to unpack and live like normal people.

The bad news: On Friday evening our lift broke down. It was the day after the movers and the evening after a morning of hectic furniture delivery. It was after all our stuff was in but this is still bad news. We live on the 7th floor.

The good news: Now we are walking up and down. 7 flights of stairs. Apparently this is good for my heart.


  1. thats a very intersting way of putting things.

    walking up & down seven floors wd make you lose weight too (if at all you want to!). :

  2. Anonymous11:39 PM

    should bring back fond memories of the lift not working in...40in2006

  3. keep going! then there'll be a day when the lift will work, and you'll be up at your floor before you know it. how thrilling!

    and bhindi! hehe.. cool! there's nothing like you-cooked food, especially when it's just the two of you!

  4. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Next time I am there I would like to have bhindi and roti. I am letting you know in advance :). Am tired of brotwurst or whatever it is here.
    PS - i dont know how but yesterday i remembered lusty rusty :)Aah the weird games my mind plays.

  5. Thanks for the shopping tip. Will check out East Ham a sucker for Sarvana Bhavan, though not been to one in London before.

    Have invited a bunch of friends over on the weekend so that we get disciplined and unpack .. otherwise those boxes will remain as is!

  6. Chakra: I definitely need to lose weigt but this is just torture!

    40in2006: Yes, I know, all those summers of practice should have taught me a thing or two. They haven't.

    Rosa: Nothing quite like homecooked food standing around piles of boxes and balancing the katori of dahi on ones head!

    S: Menu is noted, sir! As for LR - there is one human being worth never meeting agin!

    Pea: Procrastination is the queen in my house. And now we have the lift to blame for everything!

  7. 7 floors?! WOW!!! more rotis and aloo subji then!

  8. 7 flights of stairs.. I bet you don't need the gym with this. God it's a nightmare for me to take the stairs to the 4 floors at home and 3 at work. No wonder i've lost quite a lot of weight :D

  9. Shub: 7 flights of stairs was exhausting but surprising by the end there was less wheezing and more speed climbing. More subji, though so appealing, is just not recommended for the fat!

    Me: The more you do it the more of a breeze it becomes. By the end of the week I was begining (bizzarly) to enjoy the spurt of exercise that stair climbing brings. You will get used to it and bonus bonus you will lose any unwanted weight!