Saturday, July 15, 2006

A whole new year

365 days later the earth has circled the sun once more. I am a year older, a step closer to the big 4-0 but strangely more content and excited than I thought I would be about the 30s.

With V away on work and me on my ownsome lonesome everyone is making up by being extra kind…..

My office just went bananas yesterday. I came in to a huge happy birthday banner across the wall by my desk. Lunch time saw a well planned game of 'pass the parcel' with an old braying radio, something in every layer, mostly mini toblerones. And a game of pool. Then a surprising 8 big shiny purple balloons from 3 breathless colleagues and a small tea party with a home-baked carrot and banana cake from my boss. A card and a £10 coupon later I was nearly in tears. This is why I have always wanted to work in an office bigger than a two man show! I feel ever so justified in waiting to work here in this small friendly office.

It was not over. Went for dinner with 2 colleagues to ‘Little Bay’ on Farringdon Road. Hideous red and gold d├ęcor that was a sorry cross between Grecian, renaissance and plaster of Paris art. But the food more than made up for it: Garlic Portobello mushrooms followed by red snapper with spinach and potatoes. I will be going back. Only with my sunglasses on inside this time.

Today is the day. It’s been a big morning already

Today I’ve been up since 7am, woken by a call from b-i-l in Singapore. Dropped off again till the Nik rang to sing to me at 9am. I have given up. Sleep is for the young and bored.

Just finished reading and blubbing over 16 e-cards – I love technology for saving trees, chopping off the cost of postage and adding music to the cards. So many people remembered! I do feel blessed.

My friend P called and invited me out for a birthday lunch today. She is so kind. Have altered the plans though so that now she can spend today with her other half who is about to take off on work. And we will meet tomorrow with a third friend and have a lovely lunch out, gossiping.

As V is away on work on another continent I have to be content with phone calls and texts (I do love technology). I am getting a fabulous gift (?) and another whole day to call my birthday when he is back. So double whammy!!!! YAY!

I am off now, out into the sunshine, with no real plan in my head except that its my birthday and I should be out and about and having some fun. So seeya peeps….woohoo 31 here I come!

Little Bay: 171 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3AL Tel: 0207278 1234


  1. Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Woohoo.. your excitement sure is contagious. Live it up. ;)

  3. :) Happy Birthday!

  4. Anonymous10:43 PM

    tried calling you but got the machine...happy to you!!! 40in2006

  5. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Happy birthday. We'll celebrate together soon, v

  6. wishing you a very happy birthday. to a wonderful 31!

  7. Happy birthday mysterious 31 in 2006!

  8. Anonymous1:31 AM

    where is v? in my corner of the world? 40in2006

  9. Anonymous3:45 AM

    Happy birthday!

  10. Neha, Me, 40in2006, Jane, Sinusoidally, Vijay: Thank you all very much for the birthday wishes. More onw how I celebrated is to follow.

    40in2006: got your voice mail thanks

    V: see you in 5 days!

  11. Sonia: thanks for the wishes.