Monday, July 31, 2006

Who knew we had this much stuff?

Last week we should have been packed. Or atleast semi-packed. We weren’t. Sheer laziness and procrastination.

Hurriedly bought 20 flat-packed cardboard boxes, un-flattened them and proceeded to fill them up with frightening speed. They weren’t very strong and being sure they would not take the weight of our kitchen stuff I asked around my office for any spare strong boxes.

WH offered us 6 ‘indestructible’ boxes leftover from her recent move and destined for the recycle pile. On Thursday she bound the 6 flattened boxes with tape and carried them to office on her head. Literally.

She walks to work from nearby and insisted this was the easiest solution. Knapsack on her back and boxes on her head she trotted the 10 minutes to work.

On the way she passed a construction site and the guys working there called out, “Oi, nice hat!!”

WH who is white white white turned bright bright bright red.

She didn't thump them with the boxes which is a miracle. Instead she brought them in calmly, and recounted the story with a laugh.

I so owe her lunch.


  1. eeeks! I just moved out too...adn between thre girls we had roughly 20-odd pieces of luggage including all kitchen stuff, varying from huge suitcases to big, ugly plastic bags!

  2. Oi.. that was neat.. Hmmm, packing at full speed ahead. Looking forward to you saying, 'Land ahoy' ;)

  3. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Hate moving :(

    Good luck

  4. Shub: Moves are stressful now matter how well orchestrated - so congrats on completing it unscathed! 20 pieces between three people is an accomplishemnt in economy if ever there were one....

    Me: We are land ahoy - sorta kinda!

    WA: So do I. And I need all the luck in the world so thank you thank you!

  5. Anonymous3:47 PM

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