Wednesday, July 12, 2006

From a distance

After lunch I scan the BBC website for an update on the news. I see the small blurb ‘Blasts in Mumbai’. That was the beginning of an afternoon of horrid news. Many hours, phone calls, jammed news sites, and television coverage later I am nearly sure that everyone I know is safe. This brings me absolutely no comfort.

I feel washed over by grief. A bombing incident such as this is an atrocity against an honest, trusting public who have little part in the political drama that has caused it. Just fathers mothers brothers sisters sons and daughter – all on their way home after a days work. At last count 180 innocents. Life is unfair.

I feel like a cheat, an immigrant with a distance that disconnects me from the realities of my country. All night I have thought about the bravery of people who rushed to help the injured, blood donors offering their veins up, people handing out biscuits and water, shelters opened up for people who could not make it home, people with cars offering lifts to the walking public. I have felt powerless and deeply saddened, angered and shocked.

I know that danger is such an integral part of our lives. You never know where, in which city and when something like this will happen. You never know if it’s going to be you or someone you love or an unknown person who is loved by someone else. Each one important, each one a person whose whole life is changed by one moment of insanity.

From this distance all I can do is pray for those who lost their lives and rejoice at the resilient spirit of a city that promises never to let anything bring it down.

Time is too long for those who grieve. God give them strength.


  1. I watched the news for damning reports of the tragedy. Such a hateful crime. Those people were husbands,wives, brothers, sisters, friends.Why? Why? Why?

  2. It really sucks doesn't it?

    I saw the effect on my maid whose daughter never came home at night. She looked shellshocked, expecting and fearing the worst. Thankfully, hers was one of the good stories. Her daughter has been found and is back home safely.