Thursday, June 01, 2006

When it rains, it pours

The post title was not meant to be a precursor to the troubles that the deluge is bringing to Mumbai. At this distance I have no first hand knowledge of what the situation is – I only hope it does not turn out like last year. I do remember how disrupted things got with last years monsoons when at the end of July we were delayed for days by the weather conditions.

But as I said, this one is not about Mumbai or any actual rain for that matter. It’s about a turn of good luck that has been long awaited. Suddenly things are looking up and falling into place. All at the same time.

Two things have happened/ are happening.

First and foremost – I got a new job. Exactly one year to the day that I quit my old job I got offered a new job at a place I was really keen on working at. It’s a great job with great benefits and a wonderful working environment. It’s only a half hour commute from home and I have flexible working hours. In retrospect it was great to have a year off (courtesy V) to entertain the multitudes of guests and generally be a social bee. So back into the world of the employed with great joy and enthusiasm!!

Second and not least by any means – We found a flat. You will recall our horrendous experiences with estate agents while we hunted for an abode to call our own. Well one of the numerous visits with an estate agent paid off. She is the second Ms. Butterfly – and has consistently shown us flats since August. Her selection was better than other estate agents – she understood what “2 bed 2 bath and not on the ground floor” meant! Anyway, both V and I saw this flat and simultaneously began affirmative head nodding. It was bound to happen sometime - although the prospect seemed so distant. Of 80 flats viewed since August we had never both liked the same flat or even elements of the same flat. Well, it finally happened - the moons must have been in our favour. We put in our offer. After much negotiation to outbid the competition and one nail biting week our offer was accepted. Now we are waiting for the endless searches and solicitor like things to happen. (Hmm, if things do not speed up I may have to have a go at the Solicitors as well!).

I said "are happening" above because rejoicing would be premature. In the British system of house purchase a zillion searches and contract readings are done before an actual exchange of contracts takes place – and up to that point either vendor or purchasers can pull out. We won’t but he might. So finding, offering and being accepted are small but premature victories. Will keep you posted on whether it goes through. If it does, there will be the trials and tribulations of moving (to which I have made various people promise to come and help!)

So lots of excitement in our lives. As I said - when it rains it pours.


  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    congrats!!! looks like my yahoo sagittarius horoscope is working out for you!!!yesterday mine said...i quote "There are bigger things coming, and they'll make you deliriously happier than you are now with the situation you're in." you cuz 40in2006

  2. Lovely. Congratulations for both things! I can only imagine how exciting it must be for you. :-)

  3. Congratulations on both the house and the job.

  4. Wwooohhhoooo... New job new home..maybe time for a new kid ;)

    Have fun. so you settling down in the UK?

  5. I've alrady said it to you, but 'Congratulations'. Enjoy the downpour.

  6. Hey, congrats on all! Looks like you are happy with job and flat though I am totally impressed that you could wade through 80. Happy moving, setting up new nest, etc. Do blog about it!

  7. Anonymous6:18 PM

    it was great to be there when you got the call for the job... when you got the house... and when you got a lot of coins...
    thanks for the great time.

  8. Wow! Congrats on the new job and the house. Fingers crossed for everything to work out :)

  9. Busy with your new job huh!!! Hmmm... nice

  10. 40in2006: like your horoscope - works well for me - but what about you?

    Sinusoidally, Wicked Angel, Me, Shoefiend, Jane & Sunrayz: Thank you all for your good wishes and congratualtions. It is all very exciting indeed

    Anon (Sh): Your coins are driving me insane! But it was gr* to see you and B after are our goodluck charms or so it seems!!!