Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lazy dreams

Poor Lazy.

Lying supine on the sofa, Lazy tells me about her dream(s). In each one the water has finished, dried up or been drunk by her or other people. No 'leading up to it' scenario repeats itself but each episode ends with her being thirsty and panicking, looking for some water to drink.

Lazy says that as a result of these odd ‘missing’ water dreams she wakes up at night to drink water from the full glass on her bedside table and only sips a little, never finishing the glass or fully quenching her thirst.

Every morning Lazy wakes up thirsty, and looks desolately at the half a glass of water by her bedside. That night she drinks a whole glass of water before placing a full glass on the bedside table. Her dream ends exactly in the same way – not a drop of water to drink.

She wakes up upset. Too.Many.Times

What does it all mean?


  1. It might mean lazy should replace water with Juice or Whiskey or Vodka :D

  2. You could try one of those dream interpretation websites. I go to them when I have random dreams. Even though I know that it is all rubbish. Tee hee.